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Here are all the McBurnetts that I've run across, e.g. via casual searches on the web. Let me know if you're related and want to be added. And let me know how *you* pronounce the name - emphasis on the first syllable or the second? I put it on the second.

I don't mean to invade anyone's privacy, so I don't publish information on living people other than links to their own web pages. But I'll drop those also if you ask.

Census records: according to a 1990 census study of names the last name "McBurnett" is used by about 0.0002% of the United States population. There were about 600 McBurnetts in the US. That ranked number 37411 among last names. 83% of people have last names that are more common.

Genealogy: So far, all the McBurnetts I know are descended from Daniel McBurnett, who died on 3 Mar 1793 in Camden Co, Georgia. And I know of only two isolated records of the name McBurnett or Mac Burnett in Britain.

The McBurnett Story

Betty Jo Carroll Parsons wrote a book in 1994, "The McBurnett Story", with the genealogy of the McBurnetts. Here is the Table of Contents, with a few additions, in order of descent, not page order:
Page    Birth year, Name and Spouse

1       1750 Daniel McBurnett and Esther Wadsworth
14        1780 James McBurnett and Nancy Pate
52          1802 Daniel McBurnett and Deliah Hembree
66          1804 Thomas McBurnett and Hannah Battle
82          1805 Nicholas McBurnett and Lucinda G. Adams
98            1832 James McBurnett and Permelia Thompson
93            1833 Mary McBurnett and Isaac N Ingram
107           1835 Nancy McBurnett and James Segler
111           1838 Iba Louisa McBurnett and Shadrach Thompson
117           1841 Thomas McBurnett
118           1843 Joshua McBurnett
119           1845 John Nicholas McBurnett and Sophia Matilda Brown
123           1847 Daniel M McBurnett and Mary S Price
130           1849 William A McBurnett and Sara Elizabeth Jones
134           1850 Jefferson McGee McBurnett and Sarah Ann Elizabeth King
                  letters, bible, pictures, etc.  13 children
156             1872 Minnie Lucinda Indiana McBurnett and James Moses Blackburn Carroll
                  1893 Eucleod McAllister Carroll and Ollie Melvina Warren
                    Betty Jo Carroll Parsons
159             1874 Mary Fannie McBurnett and Oscar Bruce Carroll
171             1875 Joseph Wardlow McBurnett and Margaret Lillian Stone
173             1878 Laura Victoria Adalee McBurnett and Tom Edelmon
176             1880 Benjamin Nicholas Martin McBurnett and Ethel Davis
183             1881 William Barto McBurnett and Della Kolb
185             1883 Mark Corneilus ("Neal") McBurnett and Lillie Edna Davis
192             1885 Henry Cleveland McBurnett
194             1887 Ada Beatrice McBurnett and Charles L Britton
197             1889 Dovey Lois McBurnett and Felix Frierson
199             1891 Dwynell McGee McBurnett and Claribel Russell [not Clarabel]
201             1893 Walter Lee McBurnett and Marian Elva Lee
212             1897 Buna Myrtle McBurnett and William Cullen Rutland
216           1855 Harrison Wardlow McBurnett and Margaret C. Brown
41          1809 Albert McBurnett and Pollie "Mary" Howell
48            1842 Elbert Byron McBurnett and Harriett Clarinda Hand
                1872 Oscar David McBurnett and Bessie Spires      [or David Oscar McBurnett?]
                  1895 Roe David McBurnett and Mary Lindsay White
                    Roe David McBurnett Jr and Patricia Ann Davis
                      Neal McBurnett
76          1810 Joshua McBurnett and Susannah Winkle
25        178? Thomas McBurnett and Sarah Smith
            180? Mahala McBurnett and Samuel Gray
              1828 Columbus B. Gray and Amanda L Patillo
                1872 William Melvin Gray and Sallie Sarah Stout
                  1900 Ruby Lee Gray Jenkins and Lister T. Jenkins
                      Terry Jenkins
36        1790 William McBurnett and Mary Awtry

220 Appendix
221 The McBurnett Cemetary
222 History of Union Camp Ground by Bernice Awtry and Hassie Hancock, 1976?
230 1833 Nancy McBurnett and Applton Thompson
237 1829 James McBurnett and Lydia Plott
242 Map of Georgia showing Lottery Areas
243 Map of Georgia showing counties

Other sources

The Family Search Ancestral File database has well-linked information on many McBurnett families, with some duplications. You can start, e.g., with James McBurnett, born in 1780.

See the McBurnett discussions at and genforum.

Try this: Google-search the web for mcburnett genealogy. Does anyone recommend any of those forums in particular?

Neal McBurnett's line back to Daniel:

Neal McBurnett
  Roe David McBurnett Jr
  > McBurnett, Roe David  S
  > B: 27 Dec 1895; Roscoe,,TX
  > D: 30 Aug 1961; San Antonio,,TX
  >   McBurnett, Oscar David
  >   B: 20 Sep 1872; Eastland,,TX
  >   D: 19 Oct 1905; ,,TX
  >   AFN 5h98-MH
  >   > McBurnett, Elbert Byron
  >   > B: 25 Nov 1842; ,,AL
  >   > D: 27 Apr 1914; ,Nolan,TX
  >   > BURI ; Roscoe,Nolan,TX,100F Cemetery
  >   > AFN 5H98-3Q
  >   >   McBurnett, Albert
  >   >   B: 20 Feb 1809; Ga Or Nc
  >   >   D: 10 Oct 1890; Holland,Bell Co,Texas
  >   >   BURI ; Dallas Family Cm,nr Holland
  >   >   AFN 5H98-C4
  >   >   > McBurnett, James
  >   >   > B: Abt 1776; ,,Georgia
  >   >   > D: Oct 1813; ,Jasper Co,Georgia
  >   >   >   McBurnett, Daniel
  >   >   >   B: ; ,Camdn Cty,GA
  >   >   >   D:  3 Mar 1793; ,Camden Co,Georgia
  >   >   >   > McBurnett, Daniel?

Neal McBurnett

On my mother's side, I also have a particularly interesting line going back to the Spaldings of Ashintully, Scotland allegedly dating back to Perthshire, Scotland in the 1500's and Berwick in 1318.

I wrote a program in perl (named "prtged" for the time being) that prints really detailed ancestry timeline charts. For example, see timelines for 387 of my direct ancestors on a single sheet of paper (with details inevitably lost as you get further back in time): 400-year Ancestry chart for Neal McBurnett. Note the scale of centuries at the bottom.

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